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We make and sell a wide assortment of traditional kielbasa and cold cuts, handmade pierogi, rare imported European groceries and delicious, like - homemade hot takeout meals. Everything is prepared naturally according to traditional Old World recipies for an unmistakably authentic flavor! Every single entree, soup, and side is created fresh every day, on-site and by hand, from the finest raw ingredients. Meals are served from 10am until closing. Below is our hot food takeout menu:

• Pierogi - our hand-made pierogi are all-natural, made fresh every day. Inside, you will find traditional fillings such as potato and cheese, sauerkraut and mushroom, ground spiced pork

• Stuffed Cabbage with Meat Meal - Our famous homemade Polish stuffed cabbage, or "gotqbki", are stuffed with a mixture of pork and rice. Served hot covered with our homemade tomato gravy

• Potato pancakes - Delicious, crispy- golden, topped with sour cream or applesauce

• Croquettes - Inside traditional filling such us ground spiced pork or sauerkraut and mushroom. These handmade rolled pancakes consist of thin rolled crepe dough stuffed with seasoned ground pork and beef, then lightly battered and fried until golden brown. Best served with red borscht

• Hunter Stew - This savory stew also known as 11bigos" is made from cooked sauerkraut with pork trimmings seasoned with pepper, juniper berries, bay leaf, and marjoram. Usually eaten with rye bread and potatoes, its taste actually intensifies when reheated!

• Meat stuffed Potato Dumplings - Handmade dumplings made from potato dough stuffed with ground pork meat, rolled into large balls and gently boiled

• Bavarian Style Pork Shank - An absolutely finger-licking delicacy! A fresh butcher-cut pork shank is marinated in our custom brine then sprinkled with paprika and other spices, and until perfection

• Ground Pork - Thick juicy cutlets made with freshly ground pork, bread crumbs, and spices

• Breaded Fish Fillet - Gently battered with flour and spices, then sauteed until perfectly tender

• Pork Goulash - A Slavic masterpiece! Tender cuts of pork slowly simmered with spices over a low heat, then mixed with a traditional brown gravy

• Breaded Pork Chop or Breaded Chicken Cutlet - Boneless center-cut pork chop or boneless chicken breast pounded thin and dusted in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs and fried to a golden brown crisp

• Roast Pork or Beef in Gravy - Large slices of our own fresh Roast Beef or Pork topped with hot brown or white gravy

• Cheese Crepes - These delightful Polish crepes are made with thin dough filled with authentic Farmers Cheese sweetened with sugar and vanilla

• Soups - Chicken Noodle Soup, Tomato Soup, Pickle Soup, Barley Soup, White and Red Borscht, Sauerkraut Soup, Vegetable Soup, Beef Tripe Soup

• Salads - Carrot, Sauerkraut, Cole Slaw, Red Beet, Cucumber, Red Cabbage.

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Polska Chata
Polish Gourmet Deli
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* Menu subject to change without notice; please call for current availability or to place a pickup order.